Congratulations to our Women’s 035 2020 Winners

The St Michael’s O35, Women’s “CATS” football team (Est. 2010) celebrated winning the 2020 Div 4 League Title after an undefeated 13 round (plus 1 friendly) season!

At our end of season celebration, each of the players and our coach had an opportunity to acknowledge a team-mate with a short speech recognising the invaluable contribution they had made to the season. A fun night was had by all!

Played Won Drawn Lost GF GA GD Points
13 13 0 0 44 8 36 39

It was a remarkable season, both on and off the field! We played on hot & humid days, in the rain & mud, through sleet, on the windiest day and even under a rainbow! All under the expert guidance of the best Coach and Club Legend, Pete King!

Congratulations to:- Annie Mackin, Barbara De Roover, Carmel Sparke, Carmela Kendrick-Smith, Cathy Miletta, Emma Sacre, Erika Callanan, Fiona Levens, Gita Mathur, Jacqueline Du Toit, Jacqui Franchi, Kate Drysdale, Kate McKeown, Margot Phelps, Michelle McCoy, Robin McLennan, Robyn Cubis, Yvonne Tuckett and of course Coach: Peter King.

A special thanks to Lou, our long-time supporter, all our regular supporters (husbands, partners, parents, siblings, children, friends and club members) who turned up at our games on a Sunday to encourage us from the sidelines.

Thanks also to Jonathan for always being available to help with the organisation & smooth running of the games and supporting us throughout the season.

What a great club! What a magnificent team! What a great Coach! What an encouraging group of supporters!

THANK-YOU-ALL and Go the mighty Cats!

Cathy Miletta See Less

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